Buttons for jackets and jeans: One of the main features of our catalog is the timeless buttons, which are ubiquitous in all slacks, jackets, shirts and general clothing. All parts of this jeans metal stud button can be customized and modeled, and there are a variety of sizes and colors to choose from. There are some small details that are often overlooked. Their presence is so obvious that you don’t even care, and jeans buttons and rivets are the basic components of the world’s oldest trousers.

Buttons for jackets and jeans are the core products. The main function is to close the garment practically and durable under all conditions; but for many years, the trend has been to create an object that is not only functional but also fashionable. We have always been committed to meeting market needs, and at the same time creating our own series to predict trends. Our jackets and jeans buttons can be customized by choosing the most suitable logo and hats of different shapes:

Coin effect
Perforation etc.
Shanks and nails for application.

In addition, it has a very wide range of color cards, which can be customized according to the most demanding requirements of the market. Jackets and jeans buttons have created a history of fashion, and to some extent, they have also contributed to our design. However, written history is history that must continue. Fashion must be studied, predicted, and viewed in a critical spirit in order to lead it with style and unique design.